Thursday, August 5, 2010

Team-Up Thursday - Close-Up

Jen and I decided to pick the theme "close-up" for this week. Luck would have it that I came across this "bug" on my van door one morning. I grabbed my camera and tried to hold my breath while i took a shoot. I really wish I had a macro lens and used my tripod. BTW- it took me days to figure out that this is a Ailanthus Webworm Moth. It drove me crazy trying to figure out what it was. It wasn't until my friend Shelly mentioned it had the head similar to a butterfly that I was able to narrow it down to butterfly/moth and eventually find other photos on the internet of my weird "bug".

Now Jen's photo is just beautiful. I love vintage jewelry and I have a ring that is so similar to her's. I love that she is honoring her TEN year anniversary (Happy Anniversary Jen). I love the detail and the depth of field.
It's been interesting getting to know Jen with this project. We have more similarities all the time. We both are drawn to Owl's because they remind us of our Grandmothers. We have the same taste in jewelry. We love photography. We both have two kids and wonderful husbands (she's been married twice as long though).

Can I just say that if someone asked me, "who would you most like to have dinner with?" I would definitely say the "New Green Mamma" Jen!.

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  1. That's funny because when we find a new bug we always have to identify it. That one is cool. I would never have guessed that it belonged to the butterfly family. Pretty darn good for not using a macro lens!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous. Both in their own ways. You two make a good pair!

  3. You are too sweet Cara. I have really enjoyed getting to know you better through this project as well. You never know maybe one day will get to have dinner together.

    I love that you spent so much time trying to figure out what kind of bug it was. It would have driven me crazy, but I am not sure I have your perserverance.

  4. That is one fabulous bug! The reflection on the car is amazing. You did a great job; no need for macro or the tripod!

    Congrats to Jen!

  5. Yep I agree the reflection is great. I like this combo different takes on the same idea, ours turned out like that this week too. :)

  6. that is one cool looking bug, and beautifully captured!
    what a sweet tribute to your partner, too. :o)

  7. Great photos. Its hard to believe that you didn't use a tripod etc. I love the depth of field on the rings - fabulous diptych.