Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's Snuggle

Francesco is always refusing to "snuggle". According to him, you only snuggle at night and in bed. I will want to snuggle with him in the morning and he will say no, but it's okay to have him lay against me, hug him and kiss him on the head (basically snuggle). Don't tell him that!

Tonight he did his usual stall tactics at bedtime. Being it's Friday, we are much more lenient about the exact time he goes to bed. When I did finally get him to his room his last ditch effort was the request to "snuggle".

How could I refuse, the day will come when he won't want to be in the same room as me. So we snuggled.

I said to him, "you know when you're ten you won't want to snuggle with me." He tell me he want to make it to 100(year old). I said, "I hope you do."

He then says, "we need to make it to 100 together" (I almost cried, he said it so sincere). I told him I would try, but I did not think that would happen. He proceeds to then tell me I should at least get to 7 (years old)- I chuckled. I tell him I have already been there.

He then reminds me, "Do you know why I have to get bigger mommy? "


"So I can drive till I am 100."

"I hope you do, baby."

"I am not a baby!"

"What are you then?"

"Your sweetheart, goodnight mommy!"

You got that right! Good night SWEETHEART!

I will miss this time but I won't forget it!



  1. Awesome story AND shot! Fabulous :)

  2. Ok, so I made a comment and thought I posted it...but I didnt see it go through, so I hope this isnt a dupe...Anyways, love the action shot, but the best thing is the little conversations with them at this age. Everything they say is pure sweetness!

  3. Awww Cara, that is just the sweetest! And when he's ten and doesn't want to snuggle, you can pull this out. :o) Oh, and awesome panning shot!

  4. Love the superman T on the flying "sweetheart!"

    What a special guy you have!

  5. Love the shot - but love the words even more! Definitely one to pull out in a few years...

  6. I got a little teary reading this...thinking of the day Noah won't want to snuggle anymore :(