Saturday, August 14, 2010

Love it, current favorite shot.

I may regret posting this, I may have nothing for Monday but I love, love, love this shot of my boy. I am very critical of all my work and I get so excited when I produce something I love.
the pool-14
I am drawn in by the details of his face along with the emotion of complete joy. I want to be him at this moment. I want to be 4 years old, in my backyard pool with beautiful weather.

I do believe I was this at one time but I, don't have a picture to prove it...he will.


  1. That is fantastic! Simply perfect.

  2. It really is a great shot!

    And I love that you think of him having these great photos oh himself later on.

  3. ahhh love this shot!!! You so need to print this and frame it girl!

    What a happy kid!

  4. And you will both forever be glad for it! Love the happiness here, from both of you.

  5. wow! such emotion you captured! happy monday!

  6. I think that you always do great work, but you really outdid yourself with this's amazing!