Thursday, June 10, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Structure

This week the New Green Momma and I went with the theme of structure. Jen sent me this awesome shot of a castle, I wonder what and where it is. I was going to ask her but I wanted to wait till she posted. I tried to read the sign but was not able. I was intrigued, it sorta reminded me of the Dutch Wonderland Castle here in Pennsylvania. The only castles I ever saw were in Ireland and what an amazing trip that was.


I got lucky this week. Right after I suggested the theme of structure I was off to Cambridge, MA for MIT's Graduation. I am very proud that my baby little younger brother graduated this weekend. He got his Master in Civil & Environmental Engineering, he studied the "Engineering Properties of Resedimented Ugnu Clay from the Alaskan North Slope." I say he got a Master of Science for playing with dirt and he has been doing that for as long as I can remember. I see this and tell myself, there is hope for my youngest Nicolo, since dirt is his favorite to.

On our walk back after the reception he showed me this building designed by Frank Gehry and called 'Party of Drunken Robots'. It sure looks like someone was drunk when they designed it.

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  1. Whoa-ho! When you guys do a theme you do it BIG don't you? Love the whimsy of the first and the creative of the second. I feel like I've been somewhere just viewing the photos. :)

  2. The MIT Building is also officially known as the "Stata Center" named after its benefactor and founder of the electronics giant Analog Devices and BTW I play with Soil not Dirt :)

  3. I love how the photos turned out this week. You sure are good at picking out themes. Congratulations to your brother. It is comforting to know that playing in dirt can pay off later in life.

  4. I'm going to have to look up Frank Gehry now. That building is awesome! And it works so well with Jen's!

    Congratulations to your little brother!

  5. Wow those are awesome together! I love the castle and the drunken building, they could probably well together. ;) Congrats to your brother too. My younger brother graduated with his Masters in Architecture a year ago and it is so exciting to see. Hopefully I'll be next in the family to complete one.

  6. Love your images, they're perfect! Your shot is like something out of alice in wonderland :)

    Congrats to your brother...a very big accomplishment!!

  7. i realized that i had commented on jen's blog but not yours! this is a fab pair. both buildings just draw the viewer in with their angles and lines -- wonderful!