Thursday, June 17, 2010

Team Up Thursday : Shoes

I know I am late posting, but I was early getting my photo out. That's only because on Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday...this has been a long week.

Jen and I chose SHOES as our theme. I gave Jen a little list of idea and asked her to choice, then when she choose SHOES I knew exactly what I would capture.

Jen's is of her pretty pedicured toes and a bunch of her girlfriends on a GNO. She asked in her blog if you could guess which was her. I am guessing the Flip-Flops with the green polish. That has to be the New Green Mamma! What I love about hers is that I wish I could have been there. GNO are the best and so need by us all.


Mine is a shot of the awesomely cute saddle shoes my mother bought for my boys. She purchased them for a wedding we were attending but I could not just have them wear them once. Nicolo is usually in a plaid shorts and polo outfit to begin with and those shoes just finish the look. I just love them and I like the perspective I got on this shot.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love those shoes. I had a pair just like them when I was little. :) And the plaid shorts? I can so imagine him golfing in that little get up. :)

  2. oh those little shoes...there's not much cute footwear for boys, but saddle oxfords are adorable:). love the perspective you chose for the shot, too!

  3. He is the perfect picture of a little yuppie golfer! That is a great perspective shot - were you lying on the ground?

  4. Look at those adorable shoes! What sweet feet he has!

  5. Oh I just adore saddle shoes!! I even had a pair in high school - so serious! and GNO - jealous!