Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I totally have to share this!

This is not my story but I just had to share it!
One of my co-workers shared this story with me.

Her son asked her on the way to daycare/camp the other day if she was "on-call". She said 'yes'. he said, "is that why we are rushing?", she says, "yes honey that is why we are rushing," . He proceed to point out the difference between "rushing" -being in hurry to "Russian" - a nationality. She tells him that they actually have a little "Russian" in them on there Grandfathers side.
When they pull into the daycare her daughter asks, "am I'm Italian?" My friend tells her no your not Italian. Then her daughter says, "am I Ranch?"


When she told me that I was crying in laughter. I love the things kids say.
Instead of Italian I want to me "Ranch"


  1. That is AWESOME. Kids are hilarious, and I love to hear stories like this-it really is an in how they think!