Wednesday, June 9, 2010

365 - Week ???

So as you may have noticed since week 19 I have not posted a 365 mosaic. Not that I did not take pictures, I just could not get around to doing anything with them. Then life really got in the way. I had a project at work that required me to be there over the weekend and long hours, I had to pack to travel cross country with 2 little kids and then return home to travel again for a day. Like I said life go in the way (as always).

Now, even though I took pictures as I look through the tons of photos from our trip and the ones that I took so I would have a shot for a day, I find few and far between that inspire me. I actually looked at my camera in it's bag Monday morning as I packed the car for work and just decided not to bring it.

That was the first time in 157 days that I did not have my camera with me. It's still in the bag as we speak. I have a ton of photos from the trip, the wedding and the graduation, the thought of taking more pictures over whelms me. I feel like I need a little break. So that's what I am doing.

Out of the ~335 pictures I took at my sister in-laws wedding alone this was my favorite.

Don't worry, not that you are, I am not giving up I am just taking a break.

To be continued...


  1. A break is understandable after the week(s) you've been having. But mercy, what a shot this one is! Breathtaking Cara!

  2. I took a break a while back myself, it was rejuvenating! Enjoy it.

    Beautiful shot and gorgeous dress :)

  3. What a gorgeous shot! I love the lighting and how you can see the motion of the dress...just perfect!