Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One for the customer!

I have a lot of saying that I use all the time now that I am the mother if 2 very active and LIVELY young boys.
For example:
Settle down - I must say this at least 20-30 time a day and mostly between the hours of 5:30p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Pay attention/Focus - most commonly heard when I am trying to get them ready and out the door.
Look at me - if I don't say this when I want them to listen they are lost in space or mesmerized by the TV.
Walking feet - which usually only gets me a slower version of the full on run that they were just in. They only have 2 speeds, fast or turtle (the latter is only evident when I am the one in a hurry).
One per customer - this was something my parents use to say and now I find myself saying when I get asked for multiple Popsicle.

Francesco: can I have a Popsicle?
Me: Sure, what color?
Francesco: Green

3-4 minutes later

Francesco: Can I have another Popsicle?
Me: No, it's one per customer!
Francesco: Can I have a water ice?
Me: I told you one per customer!
Francesco: I had a Popsicle not a water ice!

Me: (he's got a point) Okay then, but no more.
Francesco: Thanks Mommy, one for the customer!

LOVE IT: One for the customer!!



  1. Giro e rigiro mi ritrovo qui. Ti lascio un salutino.


  2. And the outsmarting Mommy phase begins! :) Love it, and love the photo. What a character. :)

  3. Oh your sayings are a lot nicer than the ones that I catch myself saying over and over again. You definitely have 2 smart little guys.

  4. Oh I have to try that one. W.W. asks for one granola bar, then 5 minutes later asks for another one. He's addicted to otter pops too but lately its been those chocolate covered granola bars. ;)

    Cute picture. You gotta make sure to get every last drop.

  5. Cute...and very clever!

    My saying lately is 'not an option'...as in me explaining to my daughter 3-4 times that she's going to school NOT the park before I finally start replying to her request with: 'not an option' :\