Saturday, April 10, 2010

In Two Years

4-10-08 @ 10:08 a.m. I became the momma of 2 boys! The day is still burned in my memory with all the details crisps as if it was yesterday. I remember thinking that everything would be a repeat of my prior birthing experience. Nothing about Nicolò's birth or him is anything like his brother.
Nicolò has proven to be his own person in so many ways and I love to watch him develop in such a different manner than Francesco.
  • He knows what he wants and if he can't tell you he just grabs your hand and takes you there.
  • He dances all the time even when there is no music playing, he dances to the beat of his own rhythm.
  • When I check on him at night he is always in a completely different spot then the last time I checked. Don't even think I can get any sleep if he is next to me.
  • Dirt, sand, rocks, grass, plastic, cardboard etc. are all very appetizing to him for some reason, as well as food that has dropped on the floor. Food on the plate is questionable and utensil are completely optional in his opinion.
  • Getting dirty and wet are his two favorite activities. He is drawn to rain puddle like an electron magnet, and he is to fast for me to get to him before his shoes are soaked. I really should have named him Pigpen.
  • If you ask him for a high five you get, a high five and then knuckles (when you pound your knuckles to another person)
  • He gives the sweetest kisses and puckers his lips and say "Mawww". He waves and says Bye-Bye and blows kisses when he say Ciao! (Italian boys are lovers)
  • I have a hard time not complying when he pats the pillow next him when I put him down to bed at night, telling me to lay down next to him.
  • I love the way he idolizes his brother and if Francesco does something he also has to try it.
  • He absolutely loves to be naked and to take baths, I swear he is part fish.
  • He always notices every plane or bird in the sky, I think his head is in the clouds!
  • Without him we would on have a Frick and no Frack, I wouldn't be able to say "lets go boys", who would chase the cat, pull all the toilet paper off the roll, empty the silverware drawer onto the floor, dump all the toys/cooler/broom over the deck, throw anything they can find down the rain drain or fill that spot in my heart?
Happy Birthday Stinks! We love you.

2 years


  1. What a sweet post, Cara! I remember that day like it was yesterday too.....when you called me on the way to the hospital during the start of your contractions and got distracted and forgot to hang up. That was the funniest voicemail ever! Happy birthday, sweet Nicolo!

  2. Happy birthday to both of you! I remembered that he and Jack were very nearly the same age - I'm so glad I stopped by on the perfect day to say so.

  3. Two already?! Wow! Happy Birthday to your little peanut -- I hope this next year is wonderful...for everyone!

  4. What a precious little man he is...and what a precious birthday tribute!

  5. What a sweet baby. I love this post, Cara. From his description, I think that he and Paolo would be best pals! And it is so true: Italian boys are lovers. When I say, "Can you give Mamma a kiss?" P already leans in for a smooch. Do your boys know any Italian from you and their nonna? xo

  6. Happy belated birthday! Sweet, sweet post Cara.

  7. I love your memory list Cara. Such important things to never forget. He's precious. And he's two. Happy late b-day to your sweetie.

  8. I'm sooo behind because we had a birthday last week to contend with too!

    I hope his day was fabulous and his year being 2 is equally great!