Monday, April 12, 2010

Best Shot Monday: Time Gone By

I look at this picture and wonder, where did the time go? He was just an infant, unable to do anything for himself, totally dependent on me. Now he is getting in and out of his own chair at the table with no booster, climbs in an out of his car seat, goes up and down the steps all by himself and riding a balance bike.

Nicolo ~age 2



  1. I so love this picture-it speaks to me so much. Beautiful compostion, colors, cropping. My BSM is similar to yours... I can totally relate about baby growing up so fast!

  2. I love the way you framed this. Awesome.

  3. Wonderful shot, Cara. Love the perspective on it. :)

    Yes, it does go by fast. I keep thinking that we need to cherish these moments when they are young, and in a blink of an eye they get older. They just don't stop growing, darn it! ;)

  4. Cara, I love this photograph. Love the streetview - it's the perfect perspective on this big-boy event. Jack just got a tricycle, but I love those balance bikes. So cool!

  5. You are so right. Time sure does fly by. I can't believe he is already 2. WOW!!

  6. No training wheels?? Dude. Books on his is the only way to stop them from growing.