Thursday, August 27, 2009

Theme Thursday: Passageways

This is a path outside (like you can't tell from the picture it outside) near my work.
It is a passageway to a much needed break from the indoors on a nice day.
I took a short walk yesterday by myself with the camera.
I did not make it far due to being on call and realizing I left my Blackberry (which is my leash) on my desk.
I was hoping to take more photo's but at last duty called and I had to return to the florescent lighting of the indoors.
I am hoping as the fall approaches to take more walks, camera in toe.

Head on over to Amy Jo's @ The Cheese Party for more passageways.


  1. How awesome that such a nice refuge exists near your workplace. I'm sure you're right that once fall arrives those trees are going to be spectacular! Thanks for sharing!

  2. (I just realized that I was not subbed to your blog when I thought I was---I thought perhaps you were on hiatus--woops! ;-) ) I love this--shady paths are my fave. Agree with Amy--so nice to have this close to work.

  3. getting outside on a pathway is always nice, even if just for a few peaceful minutes.

  4. Great shot! I love the angle and the colors! So glad you are doing more outdoors stuff!

  5. I think walks in fall are some of the best times period!

  6. I love getting out by myself & to have the camera along? Awesome! Can't blame you for planning more walks in the future!