Friday, August 28, 2009

Build A Bear

So we did a little combined Birthday party for my niece and Francesco when their cousin DW was in town. He is not near by so we cherish anytime he is able to hang out and visit.
My mother scheduled the party and everyone had a great time. The store we were at was painted Yellow everywhere and no matter where I bounced the flash or did not even use the flash everyone looked jaundice. Even when I fixed the white balance the yellow of the background was so overwhelming I just couldn't take it. I really like the B&W, I think it stops you from being distracted by all the crazy colors of the store and really focuses on the subject.

Not following direction to sit in the circle.

I had to bribe him to sit still.

Nicolo doing his own thing.

A little shopping.

Listening to instructions.

Having a good time with DW.

Giving Soccer and Sparky bathes.

This is an outtake of the entire group but I just love it more than the one of all of them looking at the camera with cheesy smiles.

We had a great time and I even took both boys to a restaurant with everyone for lunch. I was dreading lunch but it went much better than I had anticipated. More adventures to come!


  1. The last one is so fitting of a boy with a BEAR.....

  2. The 6th and 7th photos down are my favorite. They're being such "boys" there. :)

  3. What fun what fun what fun! Yellow is definitely a hard color to work with, although it makes for a happy store atmosphere I bet. Looks like everyone had a great time. :)

    I think I lucked out with my husband, he cooks when he has too. Although breakfast is his favorite meal to cook.

    As for preschool, I'm still irritated about that whole thing! Sometimes living rural really bugs me.

  4. What a fun party! eeps yellow walls!

  5. Once again, Francesco reminds me of Caden - yeah, he's not much into circle times! LOL!

    That older girl must be your niece? She looks so much like you!

  6. Nadia LOVES's known as the TedBear Store around here!!! I've had a tough time with photos in there too, and have always converted them to b&w just like you. Nicolo is totally not a baby anymore, huh?!