Thursday, March 26, 2009

Theme Thursday: DIY

About a month ago I attempted to make a cake from scratch for my FIL's Birthday. I wrote down the ingredients and the recipe a went out to gather my supplies. I purchased good vanilla ($10.99 for 4 ozs), cake flour, sweet butter etc.
I was so excited to make this Very Vanilla Cake. If all came out well I was going to use the same recipe for Nicolo's 1st Birthday cake. Well, something went wrong, the cake did not rise one bit. It took forever (1 1/2 hours) to cook and once it cooled it weighed a ton. It was a complete disaster, I was so disappointed. I had to quickly whip up a Betty Crocker cake for the party. That cake came out great and all was not lost.
I still couldn't believe the other cake was so bad. I went back to the recipe I wrote down and compared it to the original I found on line. Low and behold I transcribe incorrectly the amount of baking powder. I wrote 1/2 tsp when it called for 1/2 Tbsp. Yeah, I know, I know.
So since it was a mistake in the ingredients I thought I would try again, I really wanted to prove to myself I can make this cake. I also wanted to try it in the Giant Cupcake Pan. Thank to my friend over at Baked By Beanie who let me borrow the pan, I made another attempt at the cake.

These are the ingredients, see not that crazy. The only thing I did not have here which I will for Nicolo's cake is Vanilla Bean Paste so I added extra vanilla.

This is the lovely batter in the Giant Cupcake Pan.

See it actually rose this time! Yeah!

Isn't it just beautiful?

How cool is that?

It actually tasted great, I bet with the vanilla bean paste it would be even better. When we cut into it it still had a couple of spot that were not done. I think that had to do with me filling the mold so high. Next attempt I am not going to fill the mold so high and I am even contemplating adding a little more baking powder.
I will post a finished version of his cake on his Birthday. I have an idea about the decorating that I think will be great. You'll have to come back to see it.

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  1. How cute is that pan?? That turned out so well, and good for you in not giving up! Can't wait to see his finished birthday cake. :)

  2. I love that cupcake cake. How cute. You should have posted a photo with it all decorated. I bet it was adorable. Now I want to go bake a cake.

  3. What a cool cake pan!!!
    Glad the cake worked!

  4. That giant cupcake is SO adorable! I totally wish I'd done that for Nadia's first birthday. thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one to do silly stuff like that in the kicthen. :o)

  5. cheers to you for trying to figure it out again!

    oh, and that cupcake pan is to die for! I need to find one of those...

  6. That is so, so cool! Good for you for trying it again. :)

  7. that looks amazing! i can't wait to see it decorated - and i must find one of those cake pans! that is awesome!!

  8. Must. Have. Giant. Cupcaek. Pan!
    Turned out great.

  9. Um, Way Cool. I was just looking for neat cupcake cups/pans like this - I love it! Have you seen the fancy laser-cut cupcake wrappers? They are totally frivolous but so pretty:

    cupcake wrappers

  10. WOW! How freakin' cute!! :) I love, love that!