Thursday, March 19, 2009

That's my boy!

"He's our special one."

That's what I hear a lot from a number of people at the daycare where Francesco goes. What I think they mean is, "he keeps us on our toes."

The nursery teacher has recently worked with the children on taking their shoe, shirt, pants, and jackets on and off. They are helping them work on developmental skills. This is one of the reason I am really happen with the daycare.

Francesco tend to take thing to the extreme, now he's decided that he is going to take his shoes off even when he's not suppose to. In attempts to get him to put them back on he has not gotten snack, not gotten to go outside, and not gotten to do other activities. All of these attempts have usually ended with Francesco winning and the teacher putting the shoes back on.

Today there was another episode of shoe removal with Francesco's refusal to put them back on. This time they decided to send him out of the classroom to the Director Office (my 2 1/2 year old is already getting sent to the office). The teacher thought that if he was away from the class he might decide to put his shoe on so he could return.

While in the office, the Director, told him he was not allowed to play with the magnets on the cabinet he sat next. He then tried to play with some toys in the corner, so she told him to move over and not to play with the toys. He was then sitting next to a stack of paper and the Assistant Director Lunch bag.

As she was talking on the phone she heard a rustling sound behind her. She thought when she turned around she would find him playing with the papers. What she found was, my son went into the Assistant Directors bag, into a box of corn flakes and was shoveling them into his mouth.

She couldn't believe it and said all she could do was laugh.

So as I was walking down the hall to a meeting she flagged me down (the daycare is at my work) to tell me the whole story. I went in to see him and asked him if he took his shoes off again today. He proceeded to tell me that he did and in so many toddler words he told me he ate Miss M's corn flakes. Well at least he admitted it.

Let's just say his teacher tells me there's never a dull day and she always has a story to tell her mom when she get home from work each day. I told her, "I don't know what to do, she's the one who taught him to take the shoes off (LOL)".

He's my special one too!


  1. Ha ha ha! That is too funny -- I can't wait to see what he is like when he is in grade school!

  2. Keeping everyone on their toes :)

  3. LOL...yes so special! I guess it serves them right for showing him how to do it himself. ;) Hopefully soon the newness of it will wear off and he will go back to *mostly* behaving. :)

  4. Haha! That sounds just like my Ben. I dread the day he goes to school. It could be scary. ;)

  5. Great coloring. I totally fits the mood.

  6. Well, Cara, I've got one of those who "keeps me on my toes" too! But, that's what makes them so fun, right? I don't have time to catch up on everything right now, but I do see that you are going to have a walker soon too!! So much fun! Cole isn't NEAR walking yet - he isn't even crawling - but, he is talking- 5 words already! They are all so different and that's part of what makes it so fun, right?