Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I know for certain I have a future stuntman/daredevil on my hands.

He has no fear, he thinks he can walk and he has a mind of his own.

I was bragging at how good he was cruising while he cruised around the chairs in the dinning room. In a literal split second he was down. I promptly sweep him up to see how he was. He was "trying" to cry. You know when they have their mouth fully open and they are not breathing. It seem like forever but its only s few second.

He finally took a breath and I tried to comfort him. He didn't appear to have any bumps or red areas. Just then my husband states (and very calmly at that) that he is bleeding.

Bleeding!? Bleeding!? Where.

I started turning him over, upside down and all around. I didn't see any blood. "Look in his mouth" G states (again without alarm).

He busted his gum! Good thing he didn't have any teeth to crack. My Father jumps into action and all of the sudden he has ice in his mouth.

After all is said and done, he is fine. My Dad says "look at the bright side...he wont have to cut the gum for that tooth", my mother say "take a picture", G calmly states "get use to it".

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  1. As a mom of four, I'd have to agree with G!