Friday, May 18, 2007

Do I Smell???

A little background - Bubbie and I are sharing a room at present, staying with my parents, husband got new job and we are in a major transition.

I try every morning to get out of bed without waking him up. I do this for a number of reasons; 1. So I can go to the bathroom without holding a half asleep, crying, 25 lb, 10 month old (oh, how easy it would be if I were a guy, they can manage one handed) 2. So I can make a pot of coffee (I really don't see straight until the second cup) 3. So I can prepare his bottle without him in my arms and spilling the formula powder all over the counter as he bucks and kicks in protest of my slow bottle making skills 4. Last but not least ... I have this grand delusion that I will one day be able to get ready for work with him remaining asleep.

So every morning I slowing lower one leg at a time off the bed (a very old, squeaky bed), I stand up and freeze in position. After a moment passes ( which feels like forever since my bladder is ready to bust) I take the 3 step it takes to get to the door. Freeze....I slowly open the door (another squeaky object in my parent older home). Freeze....I listen, I hear him gently breathing across the room in blessed slumber. I make a break for it.

Two steps out the door (I swear two step I count every morning) whaa! Whaa! WHAA! He is up. What is it? Can he smell me leaving the room? I just don't know...I have perfected the quiet stealth movements and he still know the moment I leave. If I got up and didn't leave the room I don't think he would notice I was up. It's just when I set foot out of the room, he must has some form of MOMMY RADAR.

So we go through the routine together. He will be mortified one day when I tell him how I had to take him to the "potty" with me in the morning.

I thought it was just me but I read another mommy blog the other day and she mentioned having a baby on her lap while in the "potty".

I think that make me Officially a MOM.

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