Thursday, May 3, 2007


Since Bubs was 4 months old he has been drooling like a facet. Everyone would always say "he must be teething, look at all that drool". Still no teeth.

Doctor said start solids, he doesn't need teeth, "but look how he is drooling, he must be teething". Still no teeth.

Cranky middle of the night fussing, drool, drool, drool. Still no teeth.

We almost gave up on him having teeth all together. I was worried he'd never get them and have to be fitted for "baby dentures".

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! Today I found a tooth. (Exactly 9 month 1 week) It's not that far up, but it is definitely a tooth and it is definitely in his mouth. I almost cried, because he was biting me when I realized he had a tooth that breached the surface.

Now that he has a nubbin of a tooth do I still have to cut up his the food? Just kidding!


  1. Peanut didn't get a tooth until two days AFTER his 1st birthday. I was afraid that living in Alabama had made him toothless!

  2. My Finn just got his first tooth too at seven and a half months. I was shocked! Yes, there was drool but none of my others got any teeth until well after nine months. My oldest got her first tooth at thirteen months. Another milestone... it goes all too quickly. Soon they'll want diamonds glued on them!

  3. Wow! Becs had her first tooth when 5.5 months old!!!

    Congrats on the tooth!!