Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Kicks!

Yesterday I took Bubbie's for his first pair of "official" shoes. My mother like to buy the first real pair for all her grand kid. There is this Bootery (that's really what its called) that she takes us to. There they measure their feet and make sure that the shoes really fits. They even send you a reminder card in 3 months to come back to be remeasured and fitted.

I walk in and the guys says: that baby's got big feet. HEY! (What is it they say about big feet?)

So Bub's does really well getting measure, he of course had to "taste" the measuring device (everything new he encounters goes in the mouth). The guy tells me he is a...drumroll...size 5 EEE. He was right. That baby's got big feet.

So he gets the shoes on and he was off. He climbed right off the chair and cruised all around the store while he cousin got shoes. He seemed to really like them. They sure didn't slow him down one bit. I think they actually gave him even more confidence.

Oh, am I in for it!

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  1. My poor little guy have little feet...hopefully this doesn't say anything about his "manliness"!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and voting in my contest!