Monday, May 30, 2011

I Miei Due Bambini {Random Ramblings}

I looked at my blog and realized that I have hardly posted much other than my "52 weeks of me" project. I feel I am neglected the true subject of my blog, i miei due bambini (my two boys). I figured I would throw together some random happenings. I truly need to put this stuff down, even if it is in bullet form.

  • Finally he got it (after a weekend with no pants on) and we are a diaper free home.
  • Since being potty trained I swear he grew up over night.
  • If you ask him if he is a big boy now he says, "no, I a kid!" I have no idea where he got that from.
  • Loves snakes, and we currently discovered that we have two Black Eastern Racer snakes in the brush area outside near our home. We also recently found their newly shed skins.
  • Is still taking a nap but occasionally fights it tooth and nail.
  • Loves his big brother and copies everything he does. I think it's cute, Francesco thinks it's annoying.
  • Doesn't care if he comes in last in a race, a game, or in line. He is just happy to be a part of whatever is going on.
  • Can completely occupy himself for hours on end. He does not need anyone to play with and on occasion really likes it that way.
  • Love to go to the store, he is always the first to say and sometime the only one to say, "me, me, me!" when I ask if anyone wants to come with me.
  • Uses his hands to talk and describe everything. He can't just tell you that Francesco hit him, he demonstrates. If he sees a bunch of ants eating a dead bug he has to use his hands and act it out when he tells you about it. I love it so much I make him repeat what he is telling me several times.
  • Only eats peanut butter sandwiches and will have an all out fit if you forget and put jelly on his. Have you ever tried to scrap jelly off of bread? I usually make that mistake when I am on the end of the loaf with no spare slices to correct my mistake.
  • Tells me everyday when I pick him up from school that he missed me. Melts my heart!
  • Is too smart for his own good. I now know that academically he is ready for kindergarten, maturity wise I am still on the fence. He is going but I am a little worried.
  • I think he has a photographic memory. I never met a kid that can recall all the words to a theme song after hearing it only once.
  • He also quotes movies, which may be to the photographic memory or the fact that he watches a movie over and over and over again.
  • If I tell him to slow down when he is eating at the table he reenacts the scene from Ratatouille. The scene where Remy is teaching Emile about tasting food. The first time he did this he closed his eye and took a bite, and slowly chewed. I did not know what he was doing until he said, "I don't hear any music like in Ratatouille." Now I hum a song for him.
  • Has to announce everything, and I mean everything. We all have to know that he just got up, he is going down stairs, he is going to the potty, he going to get a share day toy, he is going to run down the hall, he got a good report, he wants to go to Chick-fil-A or he is going to jump off the back of the couch and onto his brothers head (which I have told him a 100 time not to do). It goes on forever!
  • He can not sit on a chair with both butt checks at once. He has ants in his pants something fierce. I think the only time he sits still is when he is a sleep and that is debatable.
  • Is an awesome big brother. I witnessed him defending him at daycare, trying to teach him new words, give his brother tons of positive encouragement during potty training, letting his brother wins (on rare occasions) and always protecting him from going in the street.
  • Is extremely competitive which I think he gets from me, what he really needs to learn in that it is okay to loose and that they is a level of sportsmanship you need to maintain.
I miei due bambini light up my life and remind me that what I am doing matters! Love you guys!

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