Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Conversations with a 4 1/2 year old

At dinner one night:
Cara: Francesco what is your favorite number?
Francesco: 100 (said one hundred)
Cara: Why do you like it?
Francesco: Cause that's what I want to be.
Michael: You want to get to a hundred (said a hundred)?
Francesco: No! I said one hundred!
Michael: Oh, I hope you get to One Hundred too!
Francesco: No Daddy, I said ONE HUNDRED, not one hundred and two!

At Bed Time
F: Why do we have to go night, night?
Me: Because it's dark out and the sun went down. When the sun comes up it will be wake up time.
F: When will the sun come up?
Me: In about nine hours.
F: Why did the sun go down?
Me: Because the Earth rotated and we are on the side away from the sun.
F: Why did the Earth rotate?
Me: So we can have night and days.
F: What about the Sun?
Me: What about it?
F: Does it rotate?
Me: Not sure, but we rotate around it, we orbit.
F: Whats orbit?
Me: It means we are moving around the sun.
F: All the time?
Me: Yes, all the time.
F: Why do we orbit?
Me: Because we are a planet and we orbit around the sun and it take a whole year.
F: You mean like like the Zula Patrol.
Me: Yes, like Zula Patrol
F: Oh, Okay.(Turns over on his side) Night, night Mommy.

I should have just started with the Zula Patrol and I might have gotten out of there sooner.
The clock is ticking and he gets closer to 5 everyday!



  1. Oh golly, but does he have the questions! And he sure pays attention to details too doesn't he? :) Love that photo of him. Just ♥ that smile.

  2. goodness he is cute! And smart too! I love these stories. :o)

  3. So glad that you are writing these stories down. I forget so much (in my old age). What a great shot of him!

  4. Priceless. And what a gorgeous photo to go with such fun conversations.
    And don't worry, the silly questions and conversations don't stop when he turns five. ;) Still, it is hard to watch them grow so quickly, isn't it?
    *sniff, sniff*

  5. Emily does the same thing......but often knows the answer and just plays the game. In those cases, I just resort to the old "because I said so!". Haha.

  6. Cara, Good thing you took all those science classes in college! Look how far you took that conversation!


  7. The conversations I have with my four year old make my head spin sometimes.
    You have a beautiful portrait to tuck away with the memory :-)