Friday, February 11, 2011

And so it goes

Neither of my children have ever been the sleep through the night kind of kids. Now at the ages of 4 and 2 they have improved, especially Francesco. Even if they were to actually sleep through the night they are early riser as well, I am talking 5:00 - 5:30 am. So I feel like I don't get enough sleep on a regular basis and my husband is well aware of the fact. See the kid don't want him in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning so he is not bothered by them, unless I am not there.

I went to my parent's last week to help my Mother with a church retreat. My husband even said to me more than once, "I bet you are going to love getting to sleep through the night." He said this because lately Nicolo had been up two to three times a night in the past week and now I was not going to be there. He was preparing to be the one bothered that night.

So here I am at my parents and it is 10 pm on a Friday and I decide to go to bed because I am exhausted from being up since 4:30 am. I am looking forward to being left alone all night in a bed all by myself.

As you can guess, since I am writing this post, that did not happen. My father has an 11 year old, 85lb German wire haired pointer who is now "retired" from hunting due to bad arthritis in her hips. So at around 12:30 am I hear the dog barking, I get up and think she may need to go out. It took me ten minute to find the key to open door (my dad has his house lock down like Fort Knox's) and I let the dog out. I think all is well and go back to bed. Now I am not one of those, fall right back to sleep kind of people it take me time to go back to sleep. Then I hear the dog again whining and barking around 1:45 am. I get up and again think she must hear something outside or need to go out, I tried to let her out but that was not it. I was done with her at this point, because again I was woken up and don't fall back to sleep easily. I decide to shut my door and try to go back to sleep. Then at 3:15 she started again with the barking and whining, this time I know she doesn't need to go out and she is just whining. I now think if I bring her in the room with me she will settle down.

When I do bring her in the room she tries to get up on the bed, but with her hips she has a hard time. I who at this point just wants her to be quiet help this 85lb dog onto the full size bed. She takes up most of it and them proceeds to lick her paws all the while shaking the bed. This bed is an old brass poster bed and every time she shakes the bed the post hit the wall. I get up, take a small blanket and fold it up to put behind the post to stop the banging. While I do that the dog positions herself directly in the middle of the bed, leaving the only spot big enough for me to lay at the foot. Now I am the pet!

At some point she did get off the bed and I had it back to myself but that was not long before 5:00 am when my father came in the room looking for her. So them I was up again and for the day. I asked him why was he up so early on a Saturday? He said it wasn't early and he is always up at 5:00 (now I know where Nicolo get it from). He then asked me if he had woken me up? I just shook my head.

I did tell him about my night and he apologized but it wasn't his fault. When I told my husband he laughed and then told me that both the kids slept through the night, and so it goes!


  1. Oh man, oh man. I would have been so mad. Of course they both sleep through the night when you are not there. Uggghhhh.

  2. Oh Cara! I'm amused and a little horrified for you all at the same time! What rotten, rotten luck. Unless of course, your husband is like mine and just slept through all the protestations coming from Nicolo's room, and he really didn't sleep the night through after all. (Hey, you could tell yourself that just to feel better about it all.) :)

  3. Oh. My. Word. That is a HORRIBLE story! Seriously! Why do moms always get the shaft! Man, we can't catch a break! I really hope they have been sleeping through the night since you've gotten back home! :)