Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Light - No Power

Due to the tropical depression of recent we were with out power Thursday night. When the lights first flickered we all groaned at the prospect of not being able to... watch TV, surf the net, play with the train set, play on Nick Jr., use the X-box, do a load of laundry or clean the bathroom (okay, the last two we were not to terribly upset about).


Since having two small children BOYS I do not burn candles on a regular basis as in years past (I really don't even have to tell you why, just that I have two BOYS) so I was only able to find one big candle and about 12 tea lights when the power did go out.


The one thing that did happen when the lights went out was we all talked. Since we had to light candles I seize the opportunity to talk to Francesco about fire, candles, flames, what to do, what not to do. What I did not realize was that he had already had a lot of thoughts and ideas of his own in that big head of his. He also had a lot fears that I was unaware of, it was a great insight for me. I also realized that he is so much more like me than I thought (I had some of the same fears as a child).


Even though we groaned about the lack of power we still gained from the situation. I may never had learned that he was afraid our house might burn down (which was a huge childhood fear of mine) and who would save the cat (I worried about our dog). I was glad to have his undivided attention (since the TV did not work) to talk to him about this and what he should do in case of a fire. I believe that I diminished his fears a little, gave him some good advice and will now be more conscious of the fact that he has a lot going on in his head.

Come to think of it, I am glad the power went out.


  1. I totally "get" the boys and the candles thing. He, he...and I think we have the same ikea candle ring? Glad to have found your blog this morning.

  2. So funny how things work out like that, huh? I'm so very glad your power went off, too. And we have the same ikea candleholder somewhere too!!

  3. what a beautiful post about how the "bad" things can turn into very good things with the right perspective! Love it, Cara!