Thursday, October 14, 2010

According to my map...

On the way to school lately Francesco has been using the Flipnotes on the DSi to draw a map of our route. He will them navigate and narrate our trip. It goes a little like this:
F: According to my map we are need to turn to go to Dunkin Donuts.
(which we do...America Runs on Dunkin!)

F: According to my map there is something in our way.
Me: What is it?
F: That car in front of us.

F: According to my map there is a lot of traffic ahead.
Me: Why is there traffic?
F: Due to road construction, you really should take an alternate route. Let me draw one for you.

F: According to my map we are almost there, aren't you glad you had a map?
Me: Of course I am, sweetheart. Thank you!

F: You like my maps Mommy?
Me: Definitely!


Can I tell you I am loving this age!


  1. Wow Cara, you've got a little genius on your hands there! Technology, vocabulary, map drawing skills - he's got it all. Plus he's CUTE!

  2. Love this. What a smart little boy.