Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Warning...this is going to be a rant!

Disclaimer: this is going to be a rant so I completely understand if you just move on.

Have you ever been so feed up that just venting about something make you feel better? Well, be forewarned because I am about to vent since at present no one here is listening.

My morning v.s. his morning.

  • Starts out about 4:30 am when HE bring the little one in our room (which I usually get yelled at for doing) and lays him next to me. Little one lays on me, lays next to me, try to put his Binkie in my mouth, get upset when he drops on the floor so I have to retrieve it, crawls to the end on the bed and lays on my legs, rolls on and off of me, etc (I think you get the point).
  • I put on the TV with a "kids show" and head downstairs. Now I feed the cat and the fishes, take clothes out the dryer (adding them to the basket of clean clothes that I had asked HIM to bring up yesterday), start another load of laundry, carry the basket of clean clothes (double load) up the steps to the kitchen, make a pot of coffee, take said laundry upstairs to room and find HIM still asleep.
  • I fold the laundry and tell HIM to get up and get in the shower. While HE is in the shower I continue to fold, then iron my pants and his shirt for the day. I get the boys clothes together and collect the trash (trash day).
  • I get in the shower for no more than 10 mins. I would have thought that in 10 mins he could have put on the clothes and taken the BOYS down stairs to start breakfast. No, no, not the case.
  • When I step out the shower soaking wet I am greeting by the little one standing in front of the shower and HIM in front of the sink with the door wide open and the big one behind him. My towels are on the back of the door completely out of my reach. Now I am standing there with 3 other people in our small bathroom and unable to get to my towel. When I yell at them to get out they look at ME like I am the crazy one.
  • I take a few minutes to throw on my clothes and shoes, collect the boys clothes, my computer and blackberry, turn out all the lights and come down stairs. I would have thought by this time the boys would have their breakfast in front of them. No, no not the case.
  • They each had milk and one had a banana. HE was cutting up an apple for the big one, mind you we have an apple slicer/corer so why it take more that 30 second to cut up an apple is completely beyond me. I step in to get them the rest of their breakfast. (What I don't get is why not give them all the things that take seconds to get and then go cut the apple...which really should only take seconds to get?).
  • I dry my hair to the almost dry point. I take out the trash, and put the boys lunches (which I prepared the night before) in their bags and pack my work bag.
  • I tell HIM to get his shoes on (this is one of the thing that drives me crazy, why won't he put his shoe on as soon as he is dressed and why does it take so frickin long to do it the first place?).
  • I put the bags in the car and then go back to trying to tame my hair so I at least look human to go to work. He is finally dressing the little one. We both fight with the big one to finish his breakfast (which he had to wait for in the first place so I guess I should cut him some slack).
  • Finally the big one is done, goes potty and I dress him. I find their coats and have him dress one and I dress the other. Then he always asks are you ready to have them in the car? (why do you think we put their coats on???????)
  • I grab a travel mug of half reg/half decaf coffee (I so wish it was fully caffeinated) and jump in the car.
  • I get interrogated the whole way to school. Where are we going? Why are we going? Why are we stopping? Why are we going this way? Why is that car in front of us? Why did that car pass us? Why can't we catch that truck? Where is that truck going? When are we going home? When can we go outside? Why can't I drive? And so on!
  • I get them to daycare and the big one walks down the hallway like he's got lead in his shoes (this is the same kid who darts down the same hallway at the end of the day right as I am explaining to him to use his "walking feet").
  • I finally get them in school, bags unpacked, coats hung up and ready to head out the door. Little one throws a fit. I console him and take a few minutes to help him transition and once they get out the bubbles I am good to go.
  • I leave and get to work, throw my computer on the docking station, take off my coat and have a seat.
  • Time Check: 7:30 am!
His Morning:
  • 4:30 am, little one cries out , pick him up and lay him next to his mother. Lay back down and go back to sleep.
  • Awaken by nagging wife 45 mins later to get in shower. Sit on the side of bed and contemplate (what I have no idea).
  • Take a shower, alone, in peace by myself.
  • Get our of shower and find that nagging wife ironed my shirt.
  • Get dressed while little one watches kids show, I watch a few minutes myself.
  • Decide to brush my teeth when nagging wife is trying to get out of shower, she then yelling something about needing a towel and to many people in the bathroom.
  • Take kids downstairs, grab milk cups that are already filled from fridge and give little one banana. Take my sweet old time cutting up and apple and sprinkling lemon juice on it so it does not brown before big one is done eating it in 5 mins.
  • Nagging wife is saying something about trash as I pack MY lunch and then she yelling at me to put on my shoes.
  • Little one seem done guess I'll dress him. Yell at big one for dilly dallying while eating.
  • Put my computer and lunch in car and start both cars.
  • Could not find little ones jacket, had to wait for wife to look. She finds everything.
  • Put kids in car after making sure it was time, I guess that it probably was since we did just put on their coats.
  • Kiss my love ones good bye.
  • Drive to work in peace and quiet listening to the radio with real music and news.
  • Park and get into work and start the day.
  • Time Check: 7:45 - 8:00 am
This was just today, everyday is some variation of this. I know yesterdays post I said, "life is good" and it still is just a little insane some days!

Ahh! I feel better now.


  1. I wish my husband's morning-personness was contagious. After they were past the baby stage, it was on him to get up with them whenever and feed them breakfast. After I get up he showers---I usually shower before I come downstairs. But I'm home w/ them, so that's a whole lotta planning that you have to do that I don't. long flippin' day for ya, lady.

  2. Lord, have I had days (months) like that. It's rough, I tell you. Our husbands could be brothers, that's for sure!

  3. hehehehehe...I totally relate. You make me want to write my rant too. I got up at 4:30 AM this morning, fed the baby, washed bottles, loaded and started the dishwasher, played with the baby, skipped the shower no time now as the husband rolled over and went back to sleep, got dressed whipped up the hair put the baby in the crib with a few toys and TOLD husband he had to get up as I'm leaving now.

    Guess what, it was only 5:15 AM by then....thank goodness the 4 year still slept. ;) Oh but wait I had to scrap ice off the car and almost missed the train. LOL

  4. Ah motherhood! I hope you felt better getting that off your chest...I know venting does a person good! Teaching a husband how to help is a long process, but you have to start with the baby steps. First off...let him iron his own darn shirts. ;) That's what I do! At least now I have at least one child that can get himself ready in the morning...the young one is a little bear cub that just wants to continue hibernating. It's a challenge to get to work by 8:00 am, I tell ya. Oh, and I don't think I've had the bathroom by myself in the morning since before my kids were born. I might start using that new bathroom in the basement when all is done!

  5. We really do have like 4 full-time jobs as mothers, don't we? And nagging men and trying to figure out why they can't multitask is surely close to being a fifth full-time job!

  6. Oh my....Cara...what is it about men? And, I bet he really thinks he's so helpful too!

    I can only imagine what my life would be like if I were working full time like you - I get annoyed enough now even though I don't have to have the rushed mornings like that!

    One suggestion: DRY CLEANING! Make him take care of his own clothes...he probably won't iron for himself, so just make him take his stuff to the dry cleaners...I started doing this when we got married (after spending an entire evening ironing shirts like I'd always seen my mom do) and never looked back...sooo worth it!

    Good luck! ;)

  7. You totally made my morning. YOur post is hilarious. My mornings are very similar. It does feel good to vent doesn't it?

  8. OMG! does he know you wrote this?!? I love it.

  9. Mine leaves LONG LONG before we wake up to avoid this.

    Granted I rarely shower in the morning. I go not have to look good (although on occasion it would be nice to). I have three to get out the door and walk to school, then bring two back. But we go at a leisurely pace.

    Sorry your morning is so not balanced. Have him read the post?!?!

  10. It's like you have a hidden camera in my house....HUGS!