Thursday, June 18, 2009

Theme Thursday: Sunny

When Amy Jo posted the Theme for Thursday would be Sunny I was excited. I immediately thought of taking a cool photo with a sun flare. Well, there has not been much sun around these parts since then so no flare for you.

I did snap a couple of (out of focus, poorly composed) shots of my two little sunshine's.

Here is Francesco first thing in the morning with his breakfast. We have to put the cereal box and the milk in certain places and the M&M dispenser had to stay "right there". I swear he has a hint of OCD, but he is cute (which is his saving grace why he's my sunshine). To top off the cuteness he calls that applesauce he is eating "apple-puss", even when I try to tell him the right way is still comes out "apple-puss".

This one, he is just so stinkin cute, how could he not be my sunshine!

Swing on by Amy Jo's over at The Cheese Party to see what other have for Theme Thursday.


  1. awww...those sweet morning faces - nothin' better! Caden mispronounces all kinds of words and I love it! :)

    He used to say "gore" for milk - no idea where that came from, but a couple of weeks ago, milk is now milk and I'm sorta sad! LOL!

  2. Now my daughter wants on of those M&M things! My son has that same doggie PJs. So cute!

  3. We've just had the worst weather lately, huh? The NE needs a reminder that it's JUNE, for pete's sake!

    Morning is really such a lovely time to catch those little faces. They really are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  4. It's so good to write things like how he says "apple-puss" down. It's precious and you'll treasure details like that when they're older. Bryce is only (very nearly 4) 3 and I find myself already reminiscing.