Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dust is "Starting" to Clear...I Hope!

What's that saying...When it rains it pours! Well it's been pouring here. Just as I thought things would settle down my boys decided that I needed more to worry about.
First, Francesco had Strep Throat and had to spend 3 days home from daycare. That's 3 days home in the house, that in its self is enough to drive a Mommy over the edge, but we survived. He also did excellent at taking his medicine and even though he is done he keeps asking for more.
Then Nicolo felt it was his turn to play the sick card. He decides he going to up the ante and have a bad bout of Bronchiolitis with and ear infection. Double whammy! Nicolo is not so cooperative with the nebulizer or the oral medication. He has now learned to spit the medicine back out, this is after a few second so you think he swallowed it...but he didn't. Also, try holding a loud, mist blowing mask up to the nose and mouth of a one year, who you have to normally pin down just to wipe his nose. FUN!
Well that was all in the last two weeks and as of this beautiful Monday Francesco is over it and Nicolo is well on the mend. Nicolo is even slightly more cooperative with the neb, the same can not be said for the antibiotic, but I will take what I can get.

This is what Nicolo thinks of his medicines.

This is what he thinks of his new nap schedule.

We are trying to transition him to one nap a day so as to be on schedule when he moves to the toddler class at the end of the month. Here I was trying to give him a snack to keep him occupied and he fell asleep. I am calling this my Best Shot this Monday.

Swing on by Tracey's for more Best Shot Monday captures.


  1. My favorite, the first shot - love the face!

  2. I'm with him on the medicine. Great captures, hope all is feeling better soon!

  3. Oh mercy, that first shot made me laugh out loud! Such a little character. Love his little curls.

  4. Aw, such cute shots. Babies napping in chairs always makes me laugh because my girls would not sleep anywhere but in bed.

  5. Oh Cara, I'm so sorry you've been through all of that!! Yikes! Here's to a healthy summer!!

    That first shot of Nicolo is ADORABLE - he's sooooo cute!!!

  6. ok - now the sickies are all OVER - no more!

    and oh, my! those photos are just too much. my girls would never just "fall asleep" anywhere - so i missed out on shots like that!

  7. That scrunched up face shot is too cute. I am glad he is feeling better.

  8. I think it is so funny when kids fall asleep in the high chair, you know they are tired.

    Glad to hear that everyone is the UP.

  9. Awww...such a sweet shot of him sleeping, though!

    Ah, the nebulizer...Anya had RSV when she was 6 months old, so everytime she got sick until she was about two...out it came. I can sypathize with you in holding down a screaming not fun!

  10. I'm glad everyone is feeling better. However, good luck with scheduling the nap time. I swear sometimes kids just fall asleep whenever and wherever they happen to be no matter what you attempt to distract them with. ;)

    Cute picture!

  11. Oh my goodness! The only way this would happen with mine is if the snack included a tranquilizer.
    Soooooooooo cute.

  12. I remember those days. Thank goodness they are getting better...and a new nap schedule? that can be brutal too.

  13. My youngest has been on the one nap a day schedule for a while because of school as well, but it occasionally catches up with her. She fell asleep in the back of a shopping cart at best buy last weekend!

    Those are both great photos! I like the B&W.