Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Down...but not out.

So my in my last post I just got finished the "Go Live" of the project I am working on at work, the boys were sick (one after the other) and I was exhausted!
Since then the boys are better, 3 members of my team lost their positions (this I will never understand) , we are down to 2 people on my team, the work is piling up and I am exhausted.

This picture really sums up how I feel right now.

On a happier note...Francesco is working on (and being very successful at) potty training. I will hopefully get some time to write that saga down. If I had only known I just had to wait till he was ready...who knew.

So as the norm has been lately, this may be the only post from me for a week or two. I am a little down, but definitely not out. See you on the flip side.


  1. I hope your time away reenergizes you.

  2. Hang in there, Cara! You are supermom!!! So Francesco got a new haircut? I can't wait to see his whole face with the new doo! I also cannot wait to hear your potty training story. We've been back and forth with Caden and he is SOOO not interested right now...

  3. Aww... sounds like you've got your hands full!

  4. I'm so sorry work has got you down. Hope it get better for you soon.

    'If I had only known I just had to wait till he was ready...who knew'

    I stressed about Mia not potty training, especially when all her peers were so early...it's sooo hard NOT to compare. Well, 2 months after her 3rd birthday, she woke up and wanted to use the potty...smooth sailing ever since.

    I NEED to remember this when it's Lily's turn ;)

  5. You sound so optimistic despite getting hit with one thing after another! You are awesome, Cara. Hang in there! Fransesco looks sooo grown up there. And yes, we had the same PT issues...just wasn't happening until SHE was ready, and then no looking back.

  6. Oh dear, I hope things get less frazzled for you. I never understand when they cut staff on an already busy area. It's not like the work just disappears. I love those across the board RIFs of x in each department regardless of what is going on. I hope things get better for you really soon!

    Oh, and yes on potty training...you let them decide. Much less frustrating to the parents!

  7. Wow fantastic on the potty training .. we are trying but eh it is going slow!

    Sorry to hear work is still overwhelming :(

  8. Sending good wishes and hugs your way, Cara! And yeah for the potty training - could have definitely saved you some trouble and told you...but I think it is one of those things you have to find out for yourself. But now you know...it will all happen on THEIR timeline. The things they feel like they have a little control over, they definitely control! :-)

    I hope to see you soon...we'll be waiting for your re-emergence!

    Take care of yourself.

  9. Okay, is that real food, playdough, or both? Cause I swear it looks just like new red potatoes and green beans on his plate. :)

    I'm sorry about work. I know it has to be stressful. Good thing you have such cute little men at home to cheer you up. ;)