Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Felice giorno di San Valentino"

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's is a fun Holiday in our house. No crazy expensive gifts, just fun wacky stuff and a lot of love.

Growing up I always looked forward to Valentine's Day breakfast. In my house Cherrio's and Puffed Rice where a staple. Valentine's day brought mini cinnamon doughnuts. I loved those things and my mother knew it.

So here at I Miei Due Bambini we are starting our own Valentine's tradition. Red Velvet Cupcakes...for breakfast. How fun is that.

Here's the cupcakes plus a few of the mini-cakes we made for Francesco's class.

Here is a photo of all the loot. The balloon was really for the boys to play with, the flowers were for Momma and the card was just as big as it looks. It was so much fun to open the huge card with Francesco's help. When I brought the cupcakes out we all had to sing Happy Birthday...not sure to who but we sang...since we had cake.

One lonely cupcake, I really should have taken a picture after it was bitten into so you could see just how red they were.

I took this shot out our back door this morning. When I showed it to Michael he said it was a Valentine's Sky. So that's what I am calling this photo.

We had a nice day here for Valentine's, I hope all the rest of you did as well. "Felice giorno di San Valentino"


  1. Those cupcakes look yummy! Did you make the red velvet ones? What a beautiful landscape photo too!

  2. cupcakes for breakfast - sounds like a great tradition to me!! that valentines sky is gorgeous, too.

  3. It is a Valentine SKY.
    Yummy looking Cupcakes.

  4. Valentine sky and cupcakes for sounds perfect!

  5. The pink sky to go with cupcakes? Perfectly divine.

  6. It all looks VERY valentine-y! Even the sunset. Love the pink Fiestaware pitcher.

  7. I love those simple and sweet traditions. It doesnt' have to cost a lot of money, because the specialness is in the love involved. :) Great shot of the Valentine's sky, too. Beautiful.

  8. I like that tradition...yummy red velvet cake!! Beautiful sky!

  9. Any tradition that involves cake is a winner in my eyes! And I have to agree, that is DEFINITELY a Valentine sky!