Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Can't Wait Till Bribery Works!

First I fretted over the Holiday Show, and that fear came true.

Next, the "photo shot" for the Christmas card was a flop!

Then, I tried to created something from what I had, it didn't work.
I spent 2 hours messing with this, making things B&W, removing noise, resizing, changing the background (4 times).  There were many version of it but I just got tired.  I even uploaded it to be printed out.  Then I look at my cards (I have the kind you slip the photo in) and realized the opening that is visible is only 3.5 inches wide.  This would not have worked.

So I went to bed and I slept on it.  I then had the "brilliant" idea to take there Holiday Card picture in there jammies the next day near the tree.  Again, it was not fun nor easy.  Nicolo wanted to eat the tree and the ornaments, Francesco just wanted to play with his trains.  G really did try to help out, but first thing in the morning is not his time of the day either.

After all was said and done, I swear this is the best I could muster up.  I'm not too keen on it but it will have to do.  Beside, the photos are already in the cards, signed, addressed and sealed.
Francesco is out of focus (because he never stops moving) and God Forbid they smile at the same time.
I did include a wallet size of the photo from the other day, I thought some people  would get a kick out of it.

All I can say is:

1. I hate the light in my house (Compact Fluorescent saves money but they have awful,horrible, ugly light).

2. I really need to learn how to use my flash.

3. I had focus problems that I am still trying to figure out what went wrong.

4. Next years card will probably feature them both "fastened" in their car seats. (By then they will both be facing the same direction.)

5. I need a glass of wine!


  1. I am just so so about our X-mas cards this year. It was hard to be "that" into it with all the layoffs, etc. going on at work...Sigh...

  2. You are being too hard on yourself. They look so cute in the photo. Everyone will love it!

  3. LOL! Oh yes, it does get better...not to worry. The first year I took a picture of them together when they were about as young as your two, I just sat them in a chair with a Christmas book. I don't remember if they smiled, but they looked cute so that was what was important.

    I think you accomplished that mission. :)

  4. I ran out of the first batch, the pictures were a failure, so option c? Literally am using the blog header. That's "us" sorta... I think the boys look adorable.

  5. You have two tiny kiddos - this is a SUCCESS! I think all the versions are simply adorable!

  6. I agree with everyone else...the fact that you actually got both of them in the same frame and looking in your general direction is amazing!!! They look so cute in their PJs!!

    Oh, and I hear you on the focus thing, I've been so frustrated lately with my shots that I even started to think something was wrong with my camera...but, then I can get a nice sharp shot of Cole...oh yeah, toddlers, they move FAST...I think I've decided you need a SS of 1/500 for toddlers...and that is pretty much impossible in ANY house!

    I need to get an external and learn how to use it!!

    Oh, and I don't think I ever responded to your question about Caden's MIL got it off of's awesome...Caden uses it all the time! That will be my request for Cole's first birthday!!!

  7. I had Christmas card issues this year too. I just never got around to a "photo shoot" so I just used what I had. There's always next year!! I think yours turned out great though. I am majorly challenged shooting inside. The light in our house is horrible too. Maybe Santa will bring me and external flash. Hehe.