Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back were they belong! (Thank God)

I have officially lost my mine or I am just so tired I can't think straight. 

This past holiday weekend I had a fussy baby that only napped if he slept on our bed. Now that he rolls like a champ I can't bring myself to leave him there without supervision. So last Saturday as Nicolo napped I laid next to him, on G's side of the bed,working on a crocheted baby blanket. 

I recalled my wedding rings getting caught in the yard and I thought about taking them off. I realized there was no bedside table to lay them on and decided against it. I then proceeded to doze off to sleep, watching a baby sleep only makes me tired.

The next morning as I rubbed lotion into my hands (chapped from washing so much because I have 2 in diapers) I realized my rings where off. Now comes the scary part.

I had absolutely no recollection of taking them off. I remembered thinking about it but doing it...no. I really thought I was going crazy. 

I then looked everywhere, and I literally mean it. I pulled the vent covers off the heat vents and put my hand down in them. I even called my sister, parents and in-laws (all the recent places I had been)to put out an ABP for them. 

Again, the worst part was that I could not pull out of my psyche the act of removing 2 rings from my fat fingers and putting them down. G tells me to relax, they have to be in the house and to take a day or two to sleep on it.  (He also reminds me he is still paying for them.)

Well, come to find out...he was actually sleeping on them. They somehow, and I have no clue, ended up on the bed under the sheets on his side. He happened to be fixing the sheet when he smoothed it out and felt them underneath. I was laying on his side and maybe I took them off in my sleep when I dosed off.

No matter what, they are back and I can stop giving myself a headache trying to recall what I did with them.

Thanks for finding them G. I love you!


  1. I had something similar happen with mine - got stuck on the blanket in our bed. I know how scary it is to lose them. And, sadly, I actually filed the ins paperwork on mine - and had to send the check back when I found it. I looked like a fool.

  2. Whew! So glad you got them back. My husband has lost two wedding rings - never to be recovered. I love it that he told you to sleep on it - and he literally was sleeping on them!!

  3. Whew! So glad they were found!

    Joey was playing with Todd's wedding ring and he lost it. Luckily we found it later that day. Little stinker. ;)