Saturday, September 20, 2008

Croup there it is....

So as I had said it's been a little crazy over here at Mia Due Bambini.  It definitely has something to do with my two boy!
As you all have seen Francesco bought himself four stitches last Friday.  He was running one way looking the other and tripped.  We spent a total of 3 hours in the ER to have four stitches placed in his chin.  Those came out with a little protest...okay a lot on Wednesday.
So there we were on an ideal Wednesday, putting the kids to bed.  All were fed, bathed and ready for slumber.  
Around 10:30 we hear Nicolo cough like a seal.  G goes in to check on him and picks him up.  I come in and he is patting him on his back saying "I think he has some phlegm stuck".  I then realize that he has stridor!  He is having a hard time moving air out as well as in!  I listen with my stethoscope and he is wheezing terribly.  He has CROUP!
I take him outside for a total of 5 second and run him up to our bathroom.  G had the shower already on and steaming up the bathroom.  I proceed to call the doctors after hour line.  When the operator could not get my number right I told her to forget it I will take him to the ER.
We put him in the truck and I take off for the hospital.
I get behind a car on a one lane road going 5 mph!!!!! I put on my flashers and they graciously move over.  I then forget to turn my flashers off.  The whole time Nicolo is in the car seat next to me having a hard time breathing....but smiles at me when I talk to him.
I get to a red light and wait impatiently for it to turn green.  Just as it turns a police officer drives by.  He sees my flashers and pulls me over!
He calls the paramedics...I am now only 3 miles from the hospital!  He make me wait and gives me a lecture on calling 911.
So the paramedics get there, and when they put him on the pulse ox he registers at 100%.  I take a small sigh of relief.  At least now I know he is perfusing.  They start him on a cool saline nebulizer.
We get to the hospital and we get seen right away.  His breathing was still labored but improved by this time.  The doctor checks him out and feels he needs a dose of OraPred and a cool mist nebulizer.
The doctor tells me the two thing that freaks parents out is Croup and Febrile Seizures.....been there, done that!
In the end he was just fine, we were released at 2:00 in the morning.  Since I had to wait for Paramedic I had to have G come with Francesco to get us and stop to pick up the truck on the way home.
I spent the next two night sleeping in Nicolo's room in case he had more episodes (which I was warned may happen).  Happy to report that did not occur.
Called the PCP the next day to find out if they wanted to see the baby, they felt that it was not necessary unless he had another episode.  The nurse did tell me that her arms were still sore form holding Francesco down the day before to have his stitches removed!

All I can say at this point is !@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&....not to mention I have a gazillion new gray hairs.

Must say that Nicolo was still an absolutely pleasant child through this whole ordeal...where did I get this kids?


  1. I had a chest-tightening while reading this...croup stinks! It is so scary - I would have done the same thing by driving him to the ER, though!

    I'm so glad everyone seems to be mending back up...I hope it is a completely uneventful and dull week for you!

  2. Oh goodness, how scary! I'm glad all is well now, but that's one of a mother's worse nightmares. Ugh. Here's hoping for a very BORING week for you!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! You poor things...I bet that was sooooo scary! I'm so glad he is ok and that you got through everything just fine! Go take a long hot bath and relax one night this week! You deserve it!!

  4. Oh, Cara! What a horrible cop! I can't believe he didn't just escort you to the hospital if it was that close. What an arse. I'm glad it all worked itself out.

  5. Oh my dear, I have been there and know just what you were feeling! Incredibly scared!

    We called 911 when it happened to Kai and I was amazed at how fast they got to our house. As in I wasn't dressed yet! He was getting air but they said he needed to go the ER, so my hubby took him while I stayed home with Anya. It was about 0 degrees outside, so luckily he was fine by the time they got to the ER at 1 am. We have a nebulizer in the house since Anya had RSV, so if I hear even a smidgen of croup-like coughing I give him the saline mist.