Monday, September 22, 2008

Best Shot Monday

Look what my little man learned to do this weekend! We only had to show him once how to stop at the line and roll the ball. He loved it.

For more best shots, head on over to Mother May I and see what every one else has to share!


  1. Awww! What a big boy he is! That is priceless! :)

  2. What a big boy! I've been thinking about taking N bowling for the first time, too.

  3. He looks like a pro! I can't believe he can lift that is nearly as big as him!

    I am going to have to take the girls, too...I think they would love it!

  4. Love, love this shot! There is the cuteness factor of course, but the processing really adds to the story. :)

  5. Hey, Cara - do you know my friend Kara? You have her blog on your sidebar. I had no idea. Email me and lemme know how you know her. That's great.

    Love the shot. I can't believe he was able to roll the ball.

  6. Hi Cara, I don't have your e-mail address, but wanted to respond to your questions!

    1)I got the shirts from my aunt when Cole was born...she got them at Babies R Us...They say: "Little Brother, AKA "Trouble" and "Big Brother, AKA "In Charge"...I laugh because Caden's could definitely say AKA trouble too! :)

    2)Sun Flare...I used an F5.6 aperture, but the sun was caught in the trees too, so I was able to use one that open. For the flare in my BSM a few weeks ago, I had to use a smaller aperture, F13...I read that you have to use a small aperture to catch the details of the flare...but, I also vary my exposures some, I think I underexposed it some from what the meter read.

    3) Francesco and Caden sounds so much alike! They keep you on your toes, don't they? But, there is definitely never a dull moment! Oh, and I found a shirt at Target last night on the clearance rack for $ says: "My business is trouble and business is GOOD!" You ought to check and see if they have one up there for Francesco! :)

  7. Oh how fun! I think that watching kids bowl is absolutely hilarious -- and this is a great shot of the black and white!