Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rich Recipe

I have an "almost" 6 year old niece that came to visit for a few days last week. Her older sibling were away at camp and I offered to have her come here for a few days to get away. Her mother was more than glad to let her visit.

The first day she was here she meet the neighbors little girls who is also "almost" 6 (I would never say I am "almost 3 *cough,cough,hack,hack*). They decide to paint their nails a glittery purple, she then comes to me to show me these "beautiful nails". They were a mess, not even and only had one coat. That night we remove the polish and I promised to repaint them the next day.

The next day she reminded me numerous times we were going to paint her nails. I dig out the one bottle of nail polish I have, its red and called "Chick Flick Cherry".

Here is what we started with:

As soon as I finished the last nail she says, "are they dry, can I go play?"

Me: No, you have to wait 2 minutes and do a second coat.
Niece: Whats a second coat?
Me: Another layer of polish.
Niece: Why do you do that?
Me: It make the color deeper and rich.
Niece: Okay.

So after 2 minutes we put on the second coat and let them dry for 5 minutes.
Niece: Why do we have to wait five minutes?
Me: So the polish dries without smudging and they will be more chip resistant.
Niece: Whats chip resistant?
Me: Never mine, just let them dry.

So here is what we had:

After all was said and done she loved them. That night she came to me and told me I had to give her Mom the recipe for rich nails.

Here is goes:

1. Apply first layer in an even coat, let dry 2 minutes.

2. Apply second coat and let them dry 5 minutes

Results: Rich Nails and a happy "almost" 6 year old!


  1. What a great auntie! She looks very proud of her rich nails. The other night I was putting nail polish on my toes and had to field constant questions while I was doing it, too. The little lady has her toenails painted pink of course. ;)

  2. Awww, what a great aunt you are! :) I am not so sure my nephew would appreciate polished nails but I hope we can have as much fun! :)

  3. Will you do mine? I never wait for them to dry!

  4. Oh that is just too cute!!! What a great aunt, and what a sweet little gal. My kiddo always wants painted nails, but never waits around long enught for them to dry, so they're always smudged. Of course,s he's only 2 so it's okay. ;)

  5. Aren't girls so serious?! They look divine.

  6. That is so sweet!
    I paint Becca's toenails and she adores it!