Tuesday, June 17, 2008

He is quick!

I never realized just how quick a toddler can be. Well, it is more like G didn't realize it.

He went to change Francesco the other day and decided to put him up on the changing table. First off, he doesn't fit on there and second he won't leave the stuff on the side of it alone. I leave things like diaper cream, sunscreen, Vaseline and isopropyl alcohol on the top. That was it is handy for the baby but out of Francesco's reach. If you lay him up there you have to constantly take something out of his hand. He was (notice I said was) never able to open any of it, he just liked to pick up all the time.

So as G is changing him, he turns to deposit the diaper in the bin and hears a "ack, ack, ack", he looks back and Francesco has the isopropyl alcohol with the lid off in his mouth. Even under "supervision" he manged to get the cap off and put it in his mouth. G said he looked away for a second only, he also didn't think he could get the cap off.

These toddlers sure do pick up new skills without warning.

So, thanks to my doctors office I have stickers on the phone with Poison Control number. Let me just say how nice and knowledgeable they are at the Poison Cntrol Center.

He only got a mouthful and due to his age and weight she said he would be fine. She told me to look for signs of intoxication and that if nothing occurred after 2 hours he would be OK to put him to bed.

After all was said an done he was fine. I don't think he even swallowed the mouthful but I called anyway. Better safe than sorry. G felt really bad about the whole thing. I told him not to worry, we all learned fron the exprience and need to move forward.

Note to self, don't leave toddler with your husband stuff on the changing table.


  1. Totally happens super fast!!!! We were cooking and little Ethan got burned on his arm (after being repeatedly told the pan was hot) and both J & I were in the kitchen, in fact Becca too!

  2. They are rediculously fast aren't they?! We had a similar scare - except in our case it was medicated baby powder.

  3. Think that is bad? My husband turned around to grab a new onsie while changing our firstborn and he FELL OFF THE CHANGING TABLE!!!!
    He had never even rolled over before and he chose that split second to do it. Luckily, he was fine. Somehow.
    Yep. They move fast.
    Glad he is a-ok!

  4. I have heard of kids who get drunk that way. And, I agree. Hubbys are not good at "doing" the kid thing the way we are.