Saturday, June 21, 2008

Photo Challenge: the gory details

Andrea over at Shutter Sisters wants to hear all about the gory details that lead up to a great shot. This picture is one of my favorite but was not come upon easy.

Every year (being only 2 now) I want to take a picture for the Christmas cards. Francesco was not in the mood, not cooperative and just downright impossible and I only had one day left to get it down and sent out. Prior to leaving for work and daycare I tried to get a few shot in the house, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. So as we are leaving at 6:40 in the morning the cars are running with the headlights on. He is trying to get down the front steps on his own (he won't let you help him) as I snap as many pictures as I can. He wouldn't stand still for nothing. I was so frustrated until I got to work and looked at what I had.
I was surprised to find this one.
I know you can't see his face but I captured his best feature, those gorgeous cheeks, everyone always comments on his big pinch-able cheeks. I also like the way the light is hitting. My husband doesn't understand why I like this picture since he isn't even looking at the camera (he just doesn't get it)

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  1. so sweet! I agree, the best pictures often aren't the ones looking straight at the camera.

  2. Me too. Sometimes the non-looking pictures are the more interesting pictures.

    I can see the "love" for those cheeks!

  3. PS - the husband and I BOTH sing Laurie Berkner songs subconsciously! She is fun.

  4. I can see why you love this photo. It's very sweet.

    I laughed when I read that statement about your hubby "not getting it" because mine would have said the same thing and been just as confused!