Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Bottle War Continue

After my last post we had two awesome nights. Same bedtime routine, off to sleep without a hitch. Slept through the night till 5:45-6:00 am. Perfect! I never even mentioned how great he was doing to anyone. G and I would just look at each other with this knowing look in the morning. We were afraid of jinxing ourselves.

Last night it appeared that the trend was not to continue. There was some mild fussing after being put in the crib, took him about 45 mins to fall asleep. I had to sit with him for a few of those mins (rubbing his feet). Eventually he was out.

1:15 am, he woke up and started to fuss. We made sure he had the binky (two of them for that matter), we changed his diaper, checked his teeth, even gave him Tylenol. Nothing worked. We tried the sippy cup with water, that did not go over well at all.

I held and rocked him for the first hour and then G took him. He actually took him downstairs so I could get some sleep (which is not easy when you know your baby is upset). We knew that I would give in, so G took him. He said he was up for about another hour and he would hold him and rock him, but no bottle.

He finally went back to sleep. Mind you we all needed to get up about 2 hours later, but we managed. He did not appear to be any worse for the wear this morning, just a little extra cranky.

So Daddy won the battle last night. Tonight cross your fingers. We couldn't give it to him even if we wanted to. Tomorrow he is getting Tubes in his ears and not allowed anything but clear liquids after midnight.

Send me all your good Momma Vibes, I will need them.


  1. sorry i have not checked in a while. sending you good momma vibes. will read more to catch up.

  2. 8 nights. My most stubborn kid took 8 nights of crying it out. I always give in so my husband makes me sleep on our third floor. He's a rock!

    My vibes, for what they're worth, are flying your way!

  3. I am sending positive vibes too ... I am a sap and let Ethan nurse throughout the night (I figure since he will probably be my last ... I want it to last). My doctor rolled his eyes when I told him he still nurses at night.

    Hang in there consistency is the key.

  4. Ugh. Listening to your child cry is the WORST thing in the world. It slays me.
    Maybe he just had a rough night and will get right back into sleeping well again. There will be ups and downs with it. And maybe after the tubes are put in his ears will feel much better.
    Sending lots of "stay strong mama" vibes your way!