Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How many napkins do you really need?

This past Saturday Bubbie and I got up before G and headed downstairs. We spent a few minutes making coffee and playing with his blocks before breakfast. We then preceded to get the day started with a nice hot homemade breakfast.

Bubbie was sitting in his chair, nicely eating his eggs as the rest of the meal was almost complete. I called upstairs to G that breakfast was almost ready and he replied, "be right there".

So as we sat there eating this nice hot breakfast I realize that I didn't put any napkins down. I get up, go to the pantry and pull out 3 napkins. One for G, one for Bubbie and one for me. I hand them out and return to my nice hot breakfast.

G then turns to me as says, "Can I ask you a question without you getting upset?"

(This can't be good if that is how he starts)

I say, "Sure????" (with a slight hint of apprehension in my voice).

He says, "I am not upset, but I want to know why, when you get napkins you only bring enough for each person? Why don't you grab a stack like I do so there will always be some the table?"

Me: (with a look of "are you frickin kidding me")

So I let him sleep in a bit, make breakfast and all I get is I don't put enough napkins on the table? There is already enough frickin stuff (bills, mail, receipts, checkbooks) on the table, a pile of napkins would not be an improvement.

Now we use to have a napkin holder but in the midst of our 9 month limbo (of which was not my doing) with no home and stuff in storage I have seem to misplaced it. Shoot me!

He then precedes to add injury to insult in trying to justify his comments. He bring up the fact that when I replace the toilet paper in the bathroom I only put in one roll. I don't place an extra stock of rolls.

Hey, at least I replace it and how many do you really need at one time.

Sounds to me like someone is too lazy to get napkins or toilet paper and therefore wants convenient access to the goods.

Now I am really pissed.

So this was my solution:

Do you think we have a sufficient supply handy now????????

Oh, but I do love him.


  1. Oh dear. Those kind of comments are often met with: Feel free to take care of the things I am not doing right.

    See something that needs cleaning?
    Go right ahead.

    Don't like dinner? Here's the skillet.

    And you are pregnant, so I think you get the pass, anyway.

    Glad you love him...

  2. Ugh!!!

    Sorry. That behavior should buy you a free pass out for the night.

  3. Heh heh.

    I think it may have something to do with how they grew up.

    Growing up, we set the table, with 1 napkin per person. At my husband's house growing up, they left a pile on the table and helped themselves.

    Our way is much more civilized, doncha think? *grin*