Friday, January 25, 2008

Stepping up

I know that most of the time I complain about the trivial things that my dear husband "nags" me about, but he does have his good points. He proved it just the other day.

I woke up sick to my stomach and with absolutely no appetite the other day (28 weeks pregnant). I manage to go to work, and force down Sprite and Pretzels throughout the days. I even manage to take Bubbie to the ENT specialist, which consisted of a lot of waiting (with a Spitfire Toddler) and multiple test.

The Audiologists need Bubbie to sit still and quite for most of the test (is she nuts? No, she meant it). I spent most of the afternoon wrestling him to sit still and to not destroy the doctors office.

Needless to say I was SPENT! By the time I pulled into our driveway I had absolutely no energy left. I couldn't even get Bubbie out of the car seat. G came home within the next five minutes so we waited. He helped to get Bubbie in the house and settled.

I told him that I really needed to lay down for a few hours. He said, "go I'll take care of Bubs."

Well I never hear a peep out of them and slept 10 hours (which I really needed). He feed him, bathed him, played, changed for bed, gave the bottle, put him to sleep and even took the monitor out of our room so that I would not be disturbed.

I of course thanked him the next morning and to top it of he said that no thanks was necessary. He thanked me for not getting up and resting. (Normally I just can't let my mommy duties go).

So even though he can drive me bonkers on a regular basis, he can really step up to the plate when needed. Like I said before I do love him.


BTW- Bubbie is going to have Bilateral Myringotomy with tubes(ear tubes) in a week. Let cross our finger this gives him some relief.


  1. Glad you got some well needed rest!

    Hope you are feeling better

    Thanks for the add to your blogroll!

  2. How wonderful and sweet! Husbands ... rock eh?

  3. The gift of rest: just what every expectant mama needs.

  4. Wow! You do have a lovely hubby! Lucky lady!
    Poor little Bubbie with the ear tubes. :( Hope it helps.
    Thanks for commenting at my blog. It is really nice to "meet" you!