Monday, April 23, 2007

Rock Candy

Decided to take Bubbie's outside this weekend, give him all new experience. He is really on the move and just loves to explore new things.

Went to the tennis courts near my in-laws. Bubbie's crawled all around the court, pulled up on the fence, had a grand old time.

After about an hour we left and walked home, a 5 minute walk at best. During the walk home my mother-in-law carried him. He fussed a few time, she gave him the Bink which he sucked on all the way home.

Got home and put him down on the rug to crawl around. Took the Bink away (trying to limit it now) and he spit out a rock. A small reddish-brown rock, identical to the ones around the outside of the tennis court fence.

I quickly checked for more and all was clear. I tried to act like it was all OK. I ran to the bathroom and secretly called my sister (gotta love the cell phone). She (mother of three, all still alive and kicking) assures me that if he swallowed one and it was smaller than a dime it will past with time. I am so glad she had all her kids before me.

So that was his first rock and most likely won't be his last.

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