Sunday, April 29, 2007


Another first.
Bubbie's is really on the move and he is a big risk taker. I like to give him a little freedom when he is crawling around so he can have new experiences.
Well he had one. At my sister's there is a step up to a landing before you go up the full flight. He has learned to crawl up the step and learned the hard way how to come down. I was trying to teach him to turn around to come down backwards. He has a mind of his own and went off face first. Now the step is only about 5-6 inches high, but the sound was awful when he hit his head. That is the sound that came out of him.
The whole incident only lasted a few minutes, but he sure has a nice goose egg on his Noggin as a souvenir. Again not the last bump on the head he will have in a life time.

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