Sunday, April 22, 2012

Turning 4

Nicolo's birthday just passed and he is 4. This was the first year that I think he realized it was his birthday and was so excited for the day. His excitement had me really excited too. The other reason I was so excited this year for him was because this was the first year I really knew what to get him for his birthday. Every other year we already had a lot of the stuff he liked since Francesco had been into it the year or two earlier. This year he has developed some of his own personal likes of things and characters. For instance he loves Mario Brothers, and the character Yoshi in particular. So of course he got a lot of Mario stuff, which he just loved! He is really coming into his own, even interjecting in conversations now too. He use to just let Francesco do all the talking, not anymore. He is also expressing his dislikes more often, he never really threw tantrum as a toddler - he making up for it lately.

I love his face in this shot, he is just so happy the day was all about him. NICOBIRTHDAY-2
I took this yesterday and it totally captures him, he wouldn't smile because that's what I wanted him to do. BUILDINGTRUCKS-9
He loves tools, and being in the garage with his dad. Yesterday they were building Monster Trucks. BUILDINGTRUCKS-18
Here he is with his Best Friend in the whole world, Francesco. I love the fact that they are friends, lately at night I can hear them talking to each other in their room. They are either doing pretend play with stuff animals or making plans for the next day. BIKESOUTFRONT-5 Happy Birthday my sweet Nicolo!

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  1. A huge happy birthday to Niccolo! I can't believe that he is already four...where does the time go?!