Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just around the corner...

In 10 day, yes only 10 days my baby will be 4! Wow, is all I can say. Nicolo has grown into such a strong willed little boy with a HUGE personality. He definitely knows what he likes and dislikes. It crazy to think that a little boy doesn't like peanut butter and jelly. Now, peanut butter and Nutella is a different story, aka - chocolate sandwiches are a staple. He won't drink anything other than water, milk or chocolate milk. (Are you seeing the chocolate trend?)
He is my stuffed animal lover, he has more than I have room for, not to mention the 53" teddy bear he talked his father into buying him yesterday. What's great is that he can remember when and where he got each one. He also loves real animals and on occasion a little too much. Our new kitten Aston is very tolerate though, sometime I think he even like the attention Nicolo gives him.
Nicolo=Dirt, Dirt=Nicolo - enough said. He is my independent child, the one that wants to do things himself, can play by himself and can get into trouble all by his quiet sneaky self. If I find the bathroom sink full of soap water and 25 matchbox cars in the sink I really don't have to ask who did it.

Case in point, I just had to step away to bath him due to a "marker incident" which ended up with it all over him and his hand print on my back. I really love this kid! He is the one that keeps me guessing and makes everyday an adventure!


  1. I can NOT believe how big he is!!

  2. I hope that marker was permanent. I hope that marker stays on your sweatshirt always. What a lovely memory! Beautiful photos!