Sunday, May 13, 2012

Picture Day

The weather here in California has been different than back East.  When we got here in January it wasn't cold enough for a coat but not warm enough to not have some kind of light jacket.  I bought Francesco a sweat jacket that fit the bill, and he really liked it, maybe a little to much.  We had come to find out he was wearing the jacket all day without taking it off.  This became a point of contention with both Michael and I since we didn't understand why he wouldn't take it off.  His excuses were, I'm cold, I like it, I didn't want my shirt to get dirty.  This constant wearing made the jacket its self dirty.

Skip to school picture day.  The week before I had taken him to get his hair cut, and the lady that cut his hair did not know how to work with his cowlick, so even though his hair was not a puff ball any more it wasn't the greatest. We decided that he could get his picture in his uniform, khakis and a polo, and sent him to school with the money for his picture.

Then a few weeks go by and he comes home with a picture folder in his bag.  When I pulled out the pictures I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

 schoolpics-2That is the jacket, that I now hate and look at his crazy hair.  He thinks the picture is great, since he loves the darn jacket.  I tried to throw the jacket out once but he found it in the trash can of the laundry room and recused it. My husband has asked me to burn the thing.

Then there is Nicolo.  I saw signs at the daycare for pictures but never got a notices or an order sheet in his cubby.  I figured that they would want you to pay for the pictures ahead of time like Francesco's school.  Come to find out Nicolo had his picture taken at school and we did not even now it.  The company that did his pictures but the kids in different outfits, fireman, golfer, tuxedo.  Then once the picture were ready you got to pick the one you liked and purchase them.

So the one day I sent Michael to get the boys the pictures were in and available.  He calls me to ask which one I wanted.  I asked which did he like best, he said they were all cute but he like the tuxedo one the best.  So when they got home I open up his pictures and this is what I found...


How stinking cute is that?  I also laughed so hard I cried.  I love it.  My little lounge singer.

The contrast between the two also cracks me up.  


  1. In 20 years that photo of Francesco is going to be one of your favorites! lol

  2. Oh... and you know Nicolo is going to be like "Why in the world was I wearing a tux in my school pic??"

    It is stinkin cute though.

  3. These are both so adorable! ! I love the jacket story. It's priceless.