Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spelunking - well sorta

So we did a little cave exploring today. Headed east to Volcano, CA where they have the National Landmark, Black Chasm Cavern. We ventured down into the cave via very deep steps, but the experience was totally worth it. I have never been in a cave let alone one so unique. This cave had stalagmites, stalactites, flow-stone and columns (when the stalagmites and stalactites meet) but they also had these cool helictite crystals that grow in all different direction due to the porous marble and capillary action.


It was a fun trip, we even did a little gem mining which the boys loves. They really wanted to pan for gold but we were not able to do that this time. We almost bought them Miner's Hats, but we came to our senses quickly. Definitely on the list of place to take the Del Vecchio's when they head west this summer.


  1. A whole family photo! I don't think I remember ever seeing your whole family in one pic. :)

    What awesome caves.

  2. What a great place! You have inspired me to take our kids to a local cave here this summer. It's closed now for the season, but I still would probably wait until it is warmer.