Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Like I need more issues?

Michael thought that Pixel (our 8 year old cat) needed a companion. Not to mention that he is home with her everyday now, but she is not a lap cap (which I think he was looking for). So this past weekend we went to the local animal shelter. We debated over a 4 mouth old kitten and a year old cat. I thought....older cats are harder to place so lets adopt the older cat. So we did, and named her Cali (short short for California).
The only problem was that the cat did not like me, Michael, Francesco, Pixel or even Nicolo for that matter. We tried but no matter what we did that cat was vicious and dangerous. I just could not risk the health (cat bite infection) of my children or my other animal. Plus what is the point of getting another cat (family member) who stays in one room all the time because she can't socialize with any of us?
So, Cali went back and as bad as I felt about the whole thing I had to remind myself that I have to think of my family as a whole and not of just that one animal. Michael took her back and came home with a ~ 4 month old male kitten who is black and white.
More so he is that he is sweet, laid-back, non-aggressive, loves to be handled, loves to be held, thinks Nicolo is the bee's knee's and totally respects Pixel and her outburst - all which consist of a little bit if hissing and a meow (that chick is all talk and no action).
Aston, as we have named him in tribute to our HOMETOWN, is super laid back, knows how to stepback from Pixel and LOVES Nicolo soooo much. It's like they were meant to meet. My photo is Aston, sleeping with Nicolo and this scene is a huge sigh of relief for me!


A day ago my Nicolo was in full blown tears because the psychotic cat we brought home tried to bite him completely unprovoked. He did not understand, he was being so gentle and she attacked him. It is hard explain to your 3 year old he did not do anything wrong, seeing your child break down after being completely appropriate with an animal and they still attacks - is hard. The last thing I need is for my Animal Lover to become fearful of animals. Aston has turned that around completely an we all love him...even Pixel...she just does not know it yet!

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  1. So glad that he is fitting in. I had a mean cat too. He didn't bite me but anyone who came over was in danger. He would hide and then when they got up to use the bathroom or go to the kitchen he would run up and bite their ankle and claw them with his back claws. That was way before kids though. Cute picture.