Thursday, March 3, 2011

Team Up Thursday - Everyday Beauty

Jen and I are following along with the lovely ladies over at Megan's and Melody's with the theme EVERYDAY BEAUTY this week.

Mine is the Angel, and she has a story. She is an ornament given to me by a friend and she is the Angel of Miracles - she had a tag stating "Trusting in everyday miracles". She ended up being my subject this week by ending up in my pocketbook due to being broken (her head cracked off by Nicolo). I wanted to remember to bring the superglue from my desk drawer home to fix her. I ended up fixing her at work on Tuesday and put her back in my pocketbook today to bring home. When I was leaving work the late day sun from across the way hits the stone wall in front of my office and it is always so pretty. It was like I was meant to sit her there and take her photo.
everyday beauty
I love the colors in Jen's photo, I so wish that we had flowers blooming here. I also love the DOF, it really make the flower on the left jump out at you. That is truly Everyday Beauty.

For more Everyday Beauty diptych:

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  1. That angel is gorgeous Cara! I love the lighting. It is like she belongs there. I also adore the everyday beauty of flowers. Ahh, spring :)

  2. What an awesome story Cara. It was definitely meant to be. The lighting is absolutely perfect.

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous! And such a great story to go with it!

  4. SO absolutely touching and beautiful!! I love it, Cara...the lighting is exquisite, too.

  5. Yup...Its all in the lighting Cara. Really beautiful. The stealy tones of the photo are great too.

  6. At first glance, I thought she was a real person! Love the lighting behind, so magical.