Sunday, March 13, 2011

52 Weeks of Me - Week 11 {Silhouette}

This weeks theme was Silhouette, I was hoping to get on of my boys in the photo but Go Diego and Wonder Pets takes precedence over looking at the deer in our back yard. Our house backs up to a wooded and tall grass area that a herd of deer live in. Some days they are just laying in the grass and sometimes just passing through. It neat to see the fawns get bigger and bigger as time goes by. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and thought that would be the appropriate shot for my silhouette. Pixel of course was with me, she is my shadow, she goes where I go around the house.

52 weeks-Silhouette

Here is just a few (9) of the herd that we see regularly. There's at least two other males that you don't see in this photo.
The herd

Next week theme: Texture (I'm really going to need to think about this one) do you add the texture or do you find the texture? Think, think, think.

Thanks to all those who are participating! Don't forget there is the Flickr Group and we are as always open for theme suggestions. Plus, if you want this cute blog button swing by Jessie's she has the code.


  1. I would look out the window for hours staring at those deer. Your floors sure do look shiny : )

  2. :) I love peaceful looking....and your kitty....cute.

  3. Such a peaceful shot! And I can't believe how many deer you have outside! You must have a BIG backyard!