Sunday, March 6, 2011

52 Weeks of Me - Week 10 {New Angle}

This weeks theme was New Angle. I tried a lot of different angles and some I liked and some I was like "NO WAY!" I decide to see things from Nicolo's angle at the table. I put the camera right where he sits. Now I know what he sees.


Next weeks theme: Silhouette

Thanks to all those who are participating! Don't forget there is the Flickr Group and we are as always open for theme suggestions. Plus, if you want this cute blog button swing by Jessie's she has the code.


  1. What a lucky guy Nicolo is. :) Love the take on a new angle. I'm already perspiring thinking about coming up with a silhouette shot. LOL!

  2. What a cute take of this theme. It is funny to think of the angle our kids view us from.....especially since they're still so small. What were you doing in the shot? (probably sitting there in the kitchen watching another episode of that mindless reality TV you so love). Hehe. Sound like Michael?

  3. I never imagined looking at it from that perspective. Very cool, looking through Nicolo's eyes.