Sunday, December 26, 2010

52 Weeks of Me (gasp!)

I tried last year to do a 365 project but as week 20 approached life got out of hand. I had put the project on hold only to not go back to it at all. I had considered for about 1/2 a second to give it a go again this coming year and decided, NOT. I have then seen a few blogs and Flickr groups that did more of a 52 week project and thought that would be much more manageable.

When I read that Jessie @ The Lucas Zoo was thinking of a 365 project, I mentioned the idea of a 52 instead. She is a busy mom like me and I thought she might like that idea instead of 365. Jessie then asked me if I was going to host the 52 week project, I had not even thought about hosting. I was just going to post a picture each week, then she mentioned she was thinking about a 52 week project but was going to do self portraits. Wow, what an idea! I told her we should co-host it and she took me up on it.

Now I don't like to be in front of the camera but I was telling Jessie that when I saw a picture of myself the other day I had not recognized myself. I am in so few photo's that I almost forgot what I looked like. So I thought this might be a good project all around, one- to get me thinking creatively, two- to remember what I look like (LOL), and three- to get to know how to use my new camera (yes Santa was good to me).

So join Jessie and I for "52 Weeks of Me" project. We have come up with some themes but you can do what ever you like. We decided to do our post's on Sunday's and will kick off the New Year, Jan. 2nd with our first theme of a Traditional Portrait. Using the Mister Linky widget you can link your photo and join in on the project. You don't need a blog to participate just create an account with Flickr, upload your photo there, and use that link.

I look forward to seeing the creativity that will come about.



  1. Yay you got your camera! It is official now and b/c we have each other we can't fail! This is going to be a fun year!

  2. Congratulations on your new camera!!!!

    I'll have to think about whether I can stand taking a photo of me every week. lol

  3. Yah for the new camera......

    Trying to decide to join the 52 weeks of me. Do i just join the Flickr group? Did you already set one up, beacuse I found a couple but they already have a zilion pic's in it?

  4. ohhhhh Cara that's a toughie. I absolutely HATE taking photos of myself!!! :)

  5. Your new camera is gorgeous...and so are you! I am worriedvabout even saying I will try o keep up...although I know I should! We will see...I guess I do have a few more days to think about it...

  6. Love it!! Great idea! (can I commit, is the question????) Love the first prompt too!

  7. Ooooh, congrats on your new camera!!! that is awesome, have fun. This is such a great project idea, too. I would totally join in, except that I am afraid my camera is on its last legs and might conk out anyday, and I don't want to make a commitement I can't keep. Hmmm.

    P.s. you are beautiful!