Thursday, July 15, 2010

Team-Up Thursday - Suprise Capture

This week Jen and I decided we would take the photo we liked the best or was surprised we got and use that for our Team-Up.

I was so curious when I saw Jen's. I love the perspective and how you can see the ripples in the water and the reflections of the trees. I was interested to know how she got that perspective with her camera, as you can see the people are on the shore so she must be out in the water...with her camera.
I then read that she was testing out a new waterproof point and shoot, whew. I was worried for a minute. I think the shot is great, now I am thinking about a waterproof point and shoot (shhh, don't tell my husband).

My shot ended up being a surprise and my favorite. I was trying to take a "normal" portrait shot of Nicolo when he leaped at me while in the pool. This was a fluke but a great one. I look at a lot of my photos and the ones that are not "traditional" portraits always seem to appeal to me more. For some reason I like that you can't see his whole face and it just his open mouth and cute little nose.

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  1. these are wonderful! what a perfect expression on his face for surprise
    yes yes yes waterproof point and shoots for EVERYONE!!!

  2. I love that you shot this while he was lunging at you. So funny. I tend to like more untraditional shots too. They are just more interesting.

    I was unsure about the point and shoot too. I knew that I would be the one that ended up using it most of the time. I am hoping to really test it out when we go to the beach.

  3. Sometimes the accidental shots turn out so great. It's one of the perks to taking hundreds of pictures. :) I love the water proof idea too. But your shot shows great surprise. Too cute. :)

  4. Both are really fun shots! They both have a little bit of the "water" element in them, too, and similar tones - great job!

  5. What a great theme and I love both shots as well. That first one in the water is beautiful. The processing on yours is cool. I am always trying to do normal and find that I don't like them as much :)

  6. your shot just makes me smile:). what a great pair!

  7. The water link works really well and for me too the similar tones are a great link. Nice shots ladies. (and yes, what a cute nose)

  8. I've seen some good shots come out of those waterproof p-n-s cameras.

    You shot just made me laugh coffee out of my nose. I agree that often those 'not-so-perfect' shots are some of my favorite. Great capture!

  9. oh this is a great shot! l.o.v.e that you can't see his face, there is so much expression in this!